1. General information about the territory of the branch
  • There are 8 districts and 3 cities in the region, with a total of 13 dehkan markets. The region has 15 large, 442 medium and 482 manufacturing and industrial enterprises. Of these, 82 enterprises are engaged in export.
  1. General information about the branch
  • The branch was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-4419 dated August 15, 2019. Currently, the branch has 10 laboratories in which metrological control of measuring instruments for geometry, mass, force and stiffness, vacuum and pressure, parameters of movement, flow rate and volume, physical chemistry, density and viscosity, optics and optical physics, electricity and time is carried out and frequencies. In the region, the work on the metrological control of measuring instruments for geometry, electricity, mass and pressure is mainly fully covered.
  1. The main industries in the region:
  • Enterprises in the energy, oil and gas and food industries are the main industries in the region. Incl. the Syrdarya TPP, Farhad HPP, Okoltindon JSC, Khovosdon JSC, “Gulistan ekstrakt yog” JSC, Gulistan oil depot, more than 50 CNG filling stations and other enterprises with an impressive weight in the economy operate.
  1. General information about the staff of the branch
  • The branch employs 23 employees. 15 of them are employees of the metrological department. Currently, the branch has 9 employees certified for the title of state verification officers. 7 of the employees working in the branch are specialists with secondary specialized education, 15 – with higher education.

Syrdarya branch

Address: Gulistan, Sh. Rashidov street, house 24

Phone: (67) 225-08-91


Branch manager: Solijanov Ganisher Komiljanovich

Phone: (99) 477-26-76