1. General information about the territory of the branch:

On the initiative of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Navoiy region was created in 1992. The total territory of the region is 10.99 thousand square kilometers, the population is 930.762 people. The nature of the region is very diverse. In the northeastern part there are the steppes of the Kyzyl Kum desert, in the southeastern part there are the high mountain ranges of Nurata and in the middle part of the Zarafshan River there are rich and diverse dekhkan fields stretch. Along with the Zarafshan River, many large water sources such as Aydarkul, Shurkul, Tudakul contribute to the even greater natural diversity of the region. Despite the fact that Navoiy is a beautiful and young province, it has an ancient and unique history that has contributed to human civilization. These are such objects of invaluable cultural heritage as primitive rock paintings in the Sarmishsoy gorge, Uchtut stone mines, the Raboti Malik inn and reservoir, the Kasim Sheikh Azizon prayer house and rare architectural monuments of Nurata. The region includes 8 districts, these are the districts of Karman, Nurata, Khatirchi, Kiziltepa, Konimekh, Uchkuduk, Tomdi, Navbahor. And also on the basis of large industrial enterprises, 2 large cities – Navoiy and Zarafshan – are being comprehensively developed and turned into landscaped areas. Along with the fact that at the moment the Navoiy region occupies a worthy place in the socio-economic, spiritual and educational life of the Republic, huge creative works and historical processes are being carried out. The region is rich in natural resources, including non-ferrous metal and construction raw materials. State Enterprise Navoiy Mining and Metallurgical Combine is one of the world’s purest gold producers. There are also such large enterprises as “Navoiyazot” OJSC, “Elektrkimyo zavodi” Joint Venture, “Navoiy Issiqlik Elektr Stansiyasi” OJSC, and “Qizilqumsement” OJSC. Given the favorable geographic location, in 2008, the Navoiy Free Industrial Economic Zone was created in the region, and large-scale activities are being carried out together with foreign partners from South Korea, India, China and Singapore. An international intermodal logistics center has been organized on the basis of the Navoiy airport, through which, in partnership with Uzbekistan Airways and Korean Air, the delivery of goods to different countries of the world has been established. Today, in all the cities and villages of the region, decorating the country even more, exemplary cottages of a modern type are being built . It will be correct to note that the stormy activities of palaces of culture and recreation parks, Kamolot youth centers and sports complexes, medical and educational institutions, especially the Navoiy State Pedagogical and Navoiy State Mining Institutes, the conditions created in them for young people are worthy of all the highest praise.

Currently, there are 1488 production entities in the region, of which 5 are large enterprises (Navoiy MMC, “Navoiyazot” OJSC, “Elektrokimyo zavodi” JV, “Navoiy issiqlik elektr stansiyasi” OJSC, “Qizilqumsement” OJSC). Today there are 76 exporting enterprises in the region.

  1. General information about the branch:

The Navoiy branch of the State Enterprise “Uzbek National Institute of Metrology” was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-4419 dated August 15, 2019 “On further improvement of the conformity assessment system and development of the complex of testing laboratories in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. The number of laboratories for verification of measuring instruments is 14, the following main directions are covered:

  • measurement of geometrical values,
  • measurement of units of mass,
  • measuring strength and stiffness,
  • measurement of motion parameters,
  • measurement of units of pressure and vacuum,
  • measurement of flow rates and capacity,
  • physical-chemical and optical-physical measurements,
  • measurement of density and viscosity,
  • temperature and thermophysical measurements,
  • measurement of electrical quantities,
  • time and frequency measurements,
  • metrological control of medical equipment
  1. The main industries in the region:

Currently, there are 1488 production entities functioning in the region (mechanical engineering – 28, food industry – 343, electrical engineering – 17, construction – 608, chemical industry – 46, medical products – 2, light industry – 43, mining industry – 6, service – 309, others – 86), of which 5 are large enterprises.

Based on the concept of creating “Navoiy” FEZ and the selected priorities, a scheme for the location of enterprises in the following industries and areas has been developed:

  • Manufacture of electrical products and telecommunications equipment;
  • Mechanical engineering, production of measuring equipment and components;
  • Manufacturing of medicinal products and medical equipment;
  • Processing and packaging of food products;
  • Manufacturing of plastic and polymer products;
  • Export-oriented modern building materials;
  • Finished textile products;
  • Deep processing of agricultural products;
  • Environmentally friendly chemical products.
  1. General information about the staff of the branch:
  • The staffing table of the Navoiy branch of the State Enterprise “UzNIM” was approved by the director of the State Enterprise “UzNIM”, according to him the number of employees is 25 people. There are approved job descriptions for employees.
  • According to the approved staffing table, 25 employees work. Of these, 12 are verification officers.

Navoiy branch

Address: Navoiy, M. Tarobiy street, house 185

Phone: (79) 224-93-61


Branch manager: Kholov Abduaziz Utkirovich

Phone: (90) 717-21-23