1. General information about the territory of the branch:
  • On the territory of the Khorezm branch there are only 11 districts and 3 cities, 16 dehkan markets. There are 2 large enterprises, 15 medium-sized enterprises, 2167 business and economic entities in the regions. There are 96 exporting enterprises in the region.
  1. General information about the branch:

The branch was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-4419 of August 15, 2019 “On further improvement of the conformity assessment system and the development of a complex of testing laboratories in the Republic of Uzbekistan.”

  • Number of laboratories:6,
  • Main areas covered:11.
  1. The main industries in the region:
  • mechanical engineering;
  • light (textile) industry;
  • healthcare;
  • food industry;
  • energy and other areas.
  1. General information about the staff of the branch:
  • total number of employees 22;
  • of which the number of verifiсation officers is 8.

Khorezm branch

Address: Urgench, Honka street, house 107-a

Phone: (95) 606-63-94


Branch manager: Nurbek Matiakubovich Khajiev

Phone: (97) 510-18-17