1. General information about the territory of the branch:
  • On the territory of the Andijan branch there are 4 cities, 14 districts, 24 dehkan markets. There are 67 large enterprises and 4708 business entities in the region, of which 323 are exporters (64 enterprises exporting fruit and vegetable products)
  1. General information about the branch:

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-4419 dated August 15, 2019 “On further improvement of the conformity assessment system and the development of a complex of testing laboratories in the Republic of Uzbekistan” Andijan branch of the State Enterprise “Uzbek National Institute of Metrology” began its activities in January 2020. There are 7 laboratories in which work on verification and metrological certification is carried out for the following types of measurements:

  • measurement of geometrical values,
  • measurement of units of mass,
  • measurement of units of force and stiffness,
  • time and frequency measurements,
  • measurement of motion parameters,
  • measurement of pressure units,
  • measurement of flow rates and capacity,
  • temperature and thermophysical measurements,
  • physical and chemical measurements,
  • optical and optical-physical measurements,
  • electrical measurements,
  • measurement of density and viscosity values.
  1. The main industries in the region:
  • Mechanical engineering, food industry, oil and gas processing, energy, cotton processing industry, healthcare.
  1. General information about the staff of the branch:
  • There are 24 employees in the Andijan branch, 13 of them are employees of the Department of Metrological Control of Measuring Instruments, 11 are verification officers.

Andijan branch

Address: Andijan, Fitrat street, house 251

Phone: (61) (74) 223 87 83


Branch manager: Patidinov Nurillo Turg’unbayevich

Phone: (90) 6017700