Organization and conduct of qualification checks among metrological services

Participation in proficiency testing Programs is one of the mandatory conditions for confirming the competence of the laboratory in accordance with the requirements of O’z DSt ISO/IEC 17025:2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, O’z DSt 3444:2020 “General requirements for the competence of metrological services performing verification of measuring instruments”. Qualification verification is carried out through interlaboratory comparisons and is one of the reliable ways to confirm the quality of laboratory work, obtain reliable measurement results, and can contribute to improving the quality management system.

Currently, in order to meet international and national requirements, to recognize measurement results, and to create a positive image, laboratories need to demonstrate and confirm the accuracy and comparability of their measurement results.

Participation in proficiency tests allows laboratories to evaluate the accuracy and comparability of their measurement results in relation to the results of similar laboratories, while maintaining confidentiality, as well as to use the results of the proficiency test to confirm or adjust the accuracy of the measurements carried out.

Continuous evaluation of performance through proficiency tests allows participants to confirm their ability to perform calibration or verification competently, which is especially important in the accreditation or audit process.

Information about providers and qualification testing programs in foreign countries

Interstate proficiency testing programs