Participation in proficiency testing through interlaboratory comparison (ILC) is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Any comparison and calibration laboratories accredited and not accredited in the national accreditation system can participate in proficiency testing programs.

To participate in the ILS laboratory, you must:

  1. Choose an interesting round of the ILC scheme. Information about the planned tours is presented in the ILC plan, which contains information about the timing of the tour, sample PТP, metrological indicators. If the object or indicator you require is not in the plan for conducting the ILC, then you can contact the head of the ILC provider with a request in the form of a Participant Questionnaire to conduct the ILC scheme you need. With a sufficient number of participants, the scheme can be organized by the ILC provider.
  2. Send the Application in any of the following ways:

— by email of the contact person,

— to the e-mail of the reception of the State Enterprise “UzNIM”,

The provider of ILC “UzNIM” prepares and sends you an agreement for participation in the ILC and a Confidentiality Agreement on the basis of the received application for participation in the tour of the ILC scheme.

  1. After the conclusion of the contract, the ILC Provider sends the participant instructions and a sample for control. A notification with the necessary information about the start of the proficiency testing scheme will be sent to the Participant after the preparation and approval of the Proficiency testing round plan.
  2. The ILC participant in strict accordance with the instructions takes measurements and transmits the results of verification or calibration to the ILC provider. Comparisons are carried out according to the 1-model of the “Sequential” proficiency testing program
  3. The ILC provider processes participants ’accepted protocols.

Result of ILC.

6 After the PQC round has been completed and the analysis and evaluation of the participants’ results are completed, the provider draws up a “PQC Participant Certificate” and prepares a “PТP Report”. Participants in the reports are indicated in encrypted form.

Electronic copies of the report are sent to each participant.


  1. One of the conditions for the ILC is to comply with the principles of confidentiality of information received from the participants during the ILC.

The measurement results obtained by the laboratory with the participation in the ILC, and the assessment of the quality of these results, are confidential and, without the consent of the customer, are not subject to disclosure or transfer to other organizations or persons.

Rules for Consideration of Complaints and Appeals:

8.The MS, in case of disagreement with the assessment of the results of its work, may contact the provider to clarify the assessment and, if necessary, revise the latter. Participants can challenge the assessment of their performance under the PТР if they are reasonably justified. The appeal is filed by the participant in an official letter addressed to the head of the State Enterprise “UzNIM”. The letter must indicate the discrepancy made by the provider and influencing the participant’s assessment. the round number of the ILC scheme in which the customer took part and attach supporting documents if necessary. SE “UzNIM” guarantees that all claims received will be thoroughly considered as soon as possible.

The contact person: tel: +99871 202 00 11 (1232)  Gulchekhra Ayupova  SE “UzNIM”



Application for interlaboratory comparisons

Information confidentiality agreement