Laboratory proficiency testing provider

The State Enterprise “Uzbek National Institute of Metrology” in February 2017 was accredited as a Proficiency testing provider.

SE “UzNIM”, as a proficiency testing provider, organizes interlaboratory comparisons, in particular, proficiency testing programs for verification and calibration laboratories.

Proficiency testing provider – SE “UzNIM”, organized on the basis of the Group of interlaboratory comparisons, has developed and implemented a management system that meets the requirements of O’z DSt ISO / IEC 17043: 2015 “Conformity assessment. Basic requirements for proficiency testing ”.

The provider of proficiency testing at the State Enterprise “UzNIM” specializes in qualification testing of metrological services for the following types of measurements: mass, temperature, pressure, gas consumption.

If you wish to participate in the proficiency testing program, you must fill out an Application for participation in the form (indicating the proficiency testing program) and send the completed application for participation to the Provider’s address by mail,, , +99871 202-00-11 (1232). An application for participation is the basis for concluding a contract for the performance of qualification testing.

All the information necessary for the ILC participants (rules of participation, application submission) is indicated in the section ILC Participants

If you are interested in the development and implementation of new proficiency testing programs, please fill out the Questionnaire and send it to our email address or by phone +99871 202-00-11 (1232)