Verification MC MI CL
1. Masses
2. Radio-technical quantities, ionizing radiation and non-destructive testing
3. Geometric and mechanical quantities
4. Electrical and magnetic quantities
5. Pressure and flow rate
6. Physical-chemical, optical-physical and temperature values
7. Department of State Tests and Metrological Expertise
8. Laboratory of testing of electrical products
9. Price list of the price for service of departure of cars to the place of operation
10. Price list prices for registration of documentation for metrological services
11. Price list for certification of measuring and testing equipment
12. Price list for economic and contractual works of the center for calibration and measurement services
13. Price list for the Research Department of Theoretical Metrology and Innovation

MC – Metrological certification
MI – Metrological certification of testing facilities
CL – Calibration of measuring instruments