Department of State Testing and Metrological Expertise

Arifjanov Alisher Abdullaevich
Tel: (78) 150-26-10

The main tasks of the department are:

  • ensuring the uniformity of measurements and the reliability of their results in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • strengthening and development of the metrological service of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • promoting recognition by foreign partners of the results of measurements and tests carried out in Uzbekistan;
  • participation in non-governmental foreign projects in the field of metrology and accreditation;
  • implementation of protocol events related to the reception of foreign delegations and representatives by the management of the State Enterprise “UzNIM”, as well as the study of materials related to the meeting and development of recommendations based on expediency;
  • conclusion of contracts and agreements with foreign partners and companies and their implementation.

The department of state testing of measuring instruments, metrological expertise, research activities and international relations at the SE “UzNIM” provides the following types of services:

  • carrying out state tests of measuring instruments in order to be entered into the State Register of measuring instruments imported and manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • tests of measuring instruments are carried out when imported into the Republic in batches or when manufacturing measuring instruments in the republic in accordance with the normative document UzSSt8.009: 2004, the use of which is possible in the sphere of the dissemination of state metrological control and supervision specified in Article 14 of the Law “On Metrology”.

The department carries out the procedure for the recognition of type approval certificates according to PMG 06-2001 Interstate agreement of the CIS countries “Procedure for the recognition of test results and type approval, verification, metrological certification of measuring instruments.” Recognized type approval certificates give the right to use measuring instruments in the area of distribution of state metrological control and supervision on the territory of the Republic until the expiration of the initial verification period.

The department also carries out an examination of regulatory documents for newly produced measuring instruments such as:

  • examination of technical specifications for measuring instruments;
  • examination of measurement procedures;
  • examination of methods for checking measuring instruments;
  • examination of methods of certification of measuring instruments and systems;
  • development and examination of programs of metrological certification, methods of verification of measuring instruments, programs and methods of certification of test equipment, methods of measurements, a package of QMS documents;
  • amendments to state and internal regulatory documents;
  • testing for the purpose of approving the type of measuring instruments and entering into the State Register of measuring instruments of the RUz;
  • development of research activities;
  • fulfillment of tasks of the agency “Uzstandard”;
  • translation of normative documents from a foreign language into the state language;

In order to create favorable conditions for business entities, a system for accepting applications for the examination of projects and final editions of measurement methods has been introduced for the purpose of their certification, approval and registration in the state register, extension of their validity period, as well as for the procedure for recognizing measurement procedure of foreign developments through SPIGS.

According to the order of the agency “Uzstandard” No.415 dated July 17, 2016, the composition of the members of the temporary Scientific and Technical Commission (STC) on metrology of the Agency “Uzstandard” was approved. The head of department №10 is the secretary of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Metrology. At the meeting of the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) on metrology, issues are considered on the recognition of the approved MI type, consideration of a set of documents for the purpose of testing for the approval of the MI type and the issuance of certificates of the approved MI type. At this meeting, the STC protocol is kept, which is approved by the chief metrologist of the Uzstandard agency.

All organizational work for holding meetings of the STC is assigned to department №10.

Recognition of the results of metrological control is carried out in accordance with the Regulation “On the procedure for recognizing in the Republic of Uzbekistan the results of conformity assessment carried out outside the Republic of Uzbekistan” approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.292 dated October 14, 2015 and the Rules for Interstate Standardization PMG 06-2001 “Procedure for recognizing the results tests and type approval, verification, metrological certification of measuring instruments”