Department of measurements of physicochemical, optical-physical and temperature quantities

Najmutdinov Kamoliddin Ravshanovich
tel: (78) 150-26-09

The department for verification and calibration of thermal engineering and physical-chemical measuring instruments (department 09) is a structural subdivision of the State Enterprise “UzNIM”.

Physicochemical, optical-physical and temperature measurements are one of the most demanded types of measurements, which is the basis for obtaining reliable information in all branches of the chemical, medical, oil refining, mining and metallurgical industries, in laboratory medicine and environmental protection, as well as for ensuring control of sanitary-hygienic standards of food products, workplaces, etc.

 The main tasks of the department:

  • ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the field of physical-chemical, optical-physical and temperature measurements;
  • performance of works and services at the highest professional level;
  • improving the quality of services provided;
  • advanced training and professional level of specialists of the department;
  • monitoring the market for services provided and the needs of customers.
  • The department has the necessary and constantly updated reference base in accordance with the established scope of accreditation.
  • All work in the department is carried out by qualified specialists in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

The main areas of activity of the department are:

Verification and Calibration

MI of physical and chemical composition and properties of substances, including:

  • conductometers
  • milk quality analyzers
  • chromatographs (liquid and gas)
  • aspirators for air sampling
  • pH meters
  • ionomers
  • salt meters
  • simulators of the electrode system
  • gas analyzers (portable, stationary)
  • signaling devices (stationary)
  • leak detectors for gas detection
  • gas moisture meters (stationary)
  • viscometers (capillary, rotary and for determining the relative viscosity)
  • analyzers for oil and gas industry (for quality control of oil products)
  • hydrometers (petrodensimeters, lactodensimeters, alcohol meters, saccharimeters)
  • density meters (portable, stationary, hand-held)
  • mine interferometers

  • polarographs
  • devices for determining the flash point of oil products (in open and closed crucibles) (automated)
  • gas detection system
  • spectrograph
  • titrators
  • turbidimeters
  • NMR analyzers for oil content
  • spectrometers
  • chlorine analyzers
  • oxygen analyze

                       Temperature MI, including:

  • Resistance thermometers, thermoelectric converters
  • Pyrometers
  • Meter-regulators of temperature
  • Digital thermometers;
  • Temperature sensors with a unified output signal;
  • Manometric and bimetallic thermometers;
  • Temperature calibrators;
  • Liquid glass thermometers of all types;
  • Infrared thermometers and pyrometers;
  • Calibrators for checking infrared thermometers and pyrometers (emitters in the form of a black body);
  • Thermal converters thermoelectric platinum-platinum-platinum (PPO 2nd, 3rd category);
  • Millivoltmeters, ratiometers and electric bridges; • Bomb incineration calorimeters.

 Optical-physical MI, including:

  • photoelectric colorimeters, photometers
  • spectrophotometers
  • flame photometers
  • refractometers
  • opacimeters
  • polarimeters, saccharimeters
  • gloss meters
  • white meters
  • lux meters
  • colorimeters and color comparator
  • refractometric prisms and plates
  • meters of light transmittance of automobile glasses

                                   MI for medical purposes:

  • analyzers of ethanol vapors in exhaled air
  • autorefractometers, ophthalmic refractokeratometers
  • analyzers of biochemical, enzyme immunoassay and hematological
  • coagulometers
  • ESR analyzer (erythrocyte sedimentation rate)
  • urine analyzers
  • glucose analyzers
  • analyzers of electrolytes and blood gases


Tests of measuring instruments for the purpose of type approval by types of measurements of the department

Metrological certification of measuring instruments by types of measurements of the department

Certification of testing equipment by types of measurements of the department

All laboratories are fully equipped with the necessary standards and auxiliary equipment for the verification of measuring instruments in accordance with the scope of accreditation. The presence of mobile calibration equipment allows performing a number of calibration works at the place of operation of measuring instruments.

The department is constantly expanding the scope of accreditation, introducing modern verification equipment.

In their work, the department’s specialists are aimed at the maximum possible satisfaction of customers’ requests, are always ready to advise them on metrology issues, to provide all possible assistance in the development of their metrological services.