Department of measurements of radio technical quantities, ionizing radiation and non-destructive testing

Исматуллаев Шеьроз Хамидуллаевич
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The laboratory of general radio engineering quantities is engaged in verification, metrological certification of measuring instruments such as: analog, selective, pulse voltmeters, as well as phase meters of signal generators, noise generators, high and ultrahigh frequency generators, cable-antenna devices, and many others.

The laboratory also deals with the metrological certification of communication measuring devices, including network analyzers, testers’ protocols and many others. Devices that are certified and verified in this laboratory are used in various sectors of the national economy, such as telecommunications and communications, aviation and light industry, machine-building and other industries. The laboratory is equipped with a standard of the first and second category for several types of measurements, such as the power of a microwave signal, a level meter, etc. The errors of standard laboratory instruments are from 0.05 to 1%.

The laboratory of general radio engineering measurements at the SE “UzNIM” provides verification and metrological certification of radio-electronic measuring instruments: frequency meters, signal generators, signal form and spectrum parameters, low-frequency and high-frequency voltmeters, selective microvoltmeters, power meters, circuit parameters meters, electromagnetic field strength meters , communication equipment, VSWR measures, VSWR meters, coaxial loads, RF and microwave attenuators in coaxial and waveguide paths, measuring antennas and field strength and interference meters.

In addition, the laboratory of the General Radio Engineering Measurements Department is equipped with a specialized unique device “Prism-16”. The device is a hardware and software device implemented on the ADSP-2181, PLMAltera digital signal processing processors and highly integrated microcircuits; SMD components are also widely used.

The PRIZMA-16 telephone connection generator is intended for the formation of telephone connections with a predetermined duration of the spoken state for the purpose of checking connection duration measurement systems (SDMS) on digital, electromechanical automatic telephone exchanges and switching stations in cellular communication systems.

Laboratory for measuring acoustics and vibration parameters

The laboratory is equipped with an installation for checking vibration measuring transducers and vibrometers. The installation is designed to reproduce and measure the parameters of mechanical vibrations in the frequency range from 20 to 5000Hz, with vibration accelerations from 7.07 to 300m/s.

The Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory performs verification, calibration, metrological certification, certification tests of the following measuring instruments: all types of vibration meters, noise meters, laboratory vibration pads, electrodynamic vibration units, vibration stands, vibration sensors, vibration calibrators, piston phones, electric filters, etc.

The laboratories of the department were equipped with exemplary measuring instruments in 2015. The vibration analyzer model 2250-H is designed to measure and control vibration parameters of operating equipment in laboratory and industrial premises and includes an FFT analysis program.

Some of the most common applications:

  • Quality control and testing.
  • Product development.
  • Analysis of mechanisms and troubleshooting.
  • Vibration of the building

Acoustic calibrator 4231, designed for acoustic calibration and calibration of sound level meters and other sound measuring equipment. The 4231 Acoustic calibrator complies with accuracy class-1.

Pistonphone type 4228 is designed for quick and accurate calibration of sound measuring instruments, including sound level meters, and provides a reference sound pressure level. Type 4228 Pistonphone with external barometer meets accuracy class 0.

Laboratory of measurements of fiber-optic communication lines

In 2010, the laboratories of the department were equipped with a working standard of the 1st category for organizing a verification laboratory for measuring fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL), designed to equip a workplace for a verifier of fiber-optic measuring instruments and for checking (calibrating) optical reflectometers, radiation sources, optical power meters, optical testers and attenuators. The equipment makes it possible to determine the error in measuring the distance and attenuation of optical reflectometers, the dead zone of optical reflectometers, the dynamic range of optical reflectometers, metrological characteristics of radiation sources, optical power meters, optical testers and attenuators, etc.

Ionizing radiation measurement laboratory

In August 2000, the Law on Radiation Safety was adopted, which regulates relations related to ensuring radiation safety, protecting the life, health and property of citizens, as well as the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

State regulation in the field of ensuring radiation safety includes:

  • state supervision and control over compliance with radiation safety requirements;
  • certification of agricultural and food products, feed, drinking and industrial waters, building materials for radiation pollution;
  • determination of radiation contamination when agreeing on the allotment of land plots for all types of construction;
  • ensuring the radiation safety of citizens during medical X-ray and radiological procedures.

All work to ensure radiation safety requirements cannot be solved without specialized instruments for measuring ionizing radiation, which must be verified and certified. The laboratory for measuring ionizing radiation carries out verification and metrological certification of various types of dosimeters, X-ray meters and scintillation devices, geological prospecting, individual dosimeters in terms of exposure and absorbed dose rates and measurements of exposure and absorbed dose rates of technical equipment.

In 2015-2016, according to the project of technical cooperation between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Uzstandard agency, the standards of the first category of gamma and X-ray radiation were purchased, these reference dosimeters made it possible to carry out verification, calibration, certification of standard dosimetric units of 2-category and sources gamma and x-ray radiation. Also under this project, a gamma spectrometer manufactured by Canberra USA was purchased, complete with standard gamma radiation sources, this complex is designed to calibrate spectrometers and certify standard gamma radiation sources of the 2nd category.

 Laboratory for measuring medical measuring instruments

The department also received accreditation for the right to carry out verification (calibration), metrological certification of non-destructive testing measuring instruments and medical devices such as electrocardiographs, echoencephalographs and electroencephalographs, myographs, rheographs, ultrasound diagnostic devices (ultrasound devices) and a number of therapeutic devices such as UHF devices, devices for electrophoresis galvanization, low-frequency therapy devices “Amplipulse”, etc.