Mass Measurement Division

Muminkhodjaev Sunnat Akbarhodjaevich
tel: (78)150-26-04

The department was created on the basis of the first laboratory opened in the Republic in the history of metrology. If we go deeper into history, in Uzbekistan in 1923, in Tashkent, a laboratory of scales was organized, in which, until 1928, metrological verification of only commodity scales, weights, volumetric measures, as well as model laboratory measures was carried out. In the future, as a result of the development of industry and the increased demand for measurements, the activities of the department were improved. Currently, the department has two large stationary and one mobile laboratories.

Laboratory for metrological control of analytical and precision mass measuring instruments

The laboratory is equipped with exemplary scales and weights of I, II and III categories. In this laboratory, metrological control of weighing weights of accuracy classes F1, F2, M1 with a measurement range from 1 mg to 20kg and laboratory scales of accuracy class special (I), high (II), medium (III) and normal (IIII) is carried out. And also in the laboratory, various operations are carried out for analytical measurements of mass.

According to the development program for 2015, high-precision ultramicrobalances of the XPE56C type manufactured by the Swiss company Mettler-Toledo (weighing limit/resolution – 52 g/1 mg) were purchased for this laboratory.

According to the development program for 2016, the department acquired analytical laboratory scales of the CAUW-D type (used as a comparator and balance) manufactured by the Korean company CAS Corporation (weighing limit/resolution 220 g/10 mg).

Laboratory for metrological control of static weighing scales and weights of class M1

The laboratory is equipped with model scales and weights of the III and IV categories. This laboratory carries out metrological control of mechanical, medical, commercial, postal and other types of scales of average (III) and conventional (IIII) accuracy class, as well as weights of accuracy class M1, M2 and M3.

In 2015, a modern mass comparator SST2000K manufactured by SARTORIUS AG (Germany) was purchased for the laboratory, which meets international requirements and occupies a leading position in the world and weights of accuracy class F2 for adjusting (CAL) this comparator. As a result, it became possible to metrological control of standard weights M1, with a nominal measurement weight of 500 kg, 1000 kg and 2000 kg.

Specialized mobile laboratory for checking vehicle weights

According to the requirements of regulatory documents, it is determined that when checking the scales used for weighing the mass of vehicles, the mass of the reference weights should be at least 25% of the weighing limit of the scales. In this regard, when carrying out metrological control of scales with a range of up to 100 t, available at manufacturing enterprises, reference weights with a mass of at least 25 t are required.

Since September 2015, our Center has established the activities of the only specialized mobile laboratory in the Republic on the basis of a KAMAZ vehicle. This mobile laboratory is equipped with 24 reference weights with a nominal weight of 1000 kg and 50 reference weights with a nominal weight of 20 kg. This mobile laboratory allows to carry out metrological control of the scales on site.

Today the department’s capabilities in checking weights are shown in the table below.