Metrologists visited the “Kitab ip yigiruv” enterprise

Specialists of the Kashkadarya branch of the Uzbek national institute of metrology today provided a mobile metrological service at the “Kitab ip yigiruv” enterprise.

The annual production capacity of the “Kitab ip yigiruv” enterprise is 2,500 tons of yarn. The company’s products are exported abroad due to their high quality and competitiveness. The export volume (annual) is 1,500 tons of yarn. The company exports 1,000 tons of products a year to China, 300 tons to Turkey and 200 tons to Russia.

Kurutkomer, Motovila, Electronic scales, STATIMAT, USTER TESTER and 20 measuring instruments in total are used in the production process at the enterprise.

These modern measuring instruments in the laboratory of the “Kitob ip yigiruv” enterprise were metrologically examined by metrologists of the Kashkadarya branch of the Uzbek national institute of metrology and provided with relevant documents.

It will be noted that yesterday a roundtable discussion was held on “Innovative ideas – a factor of development” at the Kashkadarya branch. At the event, the head of the branch Ulughbek Amirkulov noted that development is currently impossible without innovation, and noted that the constant search for young employees, the enrichment of knowledge and skills will serve to expand capacity. U. Amirkulov also reminded President words: “Today we are embarking on a path of innovative development aimed at radically renewing all spheres of life of the state and society. If we start building our great future today, we must start it on the basis of innovative ideas, innovative approaches. ”

Extensive use of innovative achievements in the current and future stages of development is a decisive factor in building a decent future for the country, the consistent and sustainable development of all spheres of society and state life.

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