Sirdarya branch of the Uzbek national institute of metrology provides practical assistance to enterprises and business entities for each organization system


The working group consisting of the leadership of the Sirdarya branch of the state enterprise Uzbek national institute of metrology (UzNIM) and the metrologist specialists is currently organizing work on the activities of industrial and export enterprises in the region, on the implementation of major investment projects for providing consulting advice and practical assistance in the field.
Nowadays, 388 units (of which 84 export companies within the framework of investment projects and 102 export companies) studied in the district and enterprise-wide system of work provided technical assistance in the areas of regulation and metrology to enterprises and businesses. As a result of the study, a number of existing problems related to the field were identified in the enterprises. 5 enterprises were provided with consultative assistance. 8 issues of the enterprise were resolved positively with the involvement of specialists of the SUE “Uztest”. Also, 9 enterprises were provided with practical assistance in the direction of metrology.In terms of working with export companies in the region and providing practical assistance, Sirdarya Branch carried out study in 102 export companies. During the study, the representatives of 4 enterprises identified the plan for obtaining international certificates, directed to specialists of the SUE “Uztest”, provided practical assistance to 3 enterprises in the existing problematic issues.
In addition, from the beginning of the current year to the present day, a total of 471 enterprises and businesses on the basis of appeals 8393 units of measuring instruments were passed state comparative examination, 364 units of measuring instruments metrological attestation. As well as, 193 measuring instruments of 32 enterprises and entrepreneurs were subjected to metrological inspection at the Uzbek national institute of metrology through logistics services.It was agreed by the branch to meet with entrepreneurs and specialists of industrial enterprises in the region, work in cooperation in the fields of technical regulation and metrology and jointly eliminate existing problems.

Taking this opportunity, the team of Sirdarya branch of the UzNIM congratulates the industry experts and all entrepreneurs and businessmen with the upcoming May 20 – World Metrology Day. This year, BIPM, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, announced the theme of World Metrology Day as “Measurements for Health”.We wish good health to all our compatriots, realizing that we also have a great responsibility by making accurate diagnoses by medical staff and conducting metrological inspections of the correct and accurate operation of medical measuring equipment in the treatment process.

The team of the Sirdarya branch of the UzNIM