Prospects for the training of qualified specialists were discussed

  A meeting was held in cooperation with the “Uzstandard” agency and the Tashkent Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers Institute to train qualified personnel in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment of industrial enterprises and the development of science and education in the field.

 At the meeting, the reforms carried out at the Tashkent irrigation and agricultural engineering institute, innovative laboratories in the direction of metrology and certification, as well as the work carried out in the direction of “Metrology and standardization, certification” taking advantage of the available opportunities were discussed.

During the debate in order to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of students at the Tashkent Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers Institute, the talks focused on the organization of practical classes in testing and calibration laboratories of “Uzstandard” agency and was found the possibility of applying theoretical knowledge in practice, training prospects in the future.

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