Mobile metrological laboratory is an innovative solution for metrological testing of medical equipment with measuring functions


Based on the scientific developments of young researchers of the Uzbek national institute of metrology , the first innovative project for metrological testing of medical equipment with integrated measurement functions on a car platform of the van series was created Mobile metrology laboratory. It will be noted that the Mobile metrology laboratory is unique in the category of mobile laboratories in the field of metrology, and has no analogues in foreign countries.

The project also involved cooperation with young designers, programmers and design bureaus of the Polytechnic University of Turin in Tashkent.

The Mobile metrology laboratory provides on-site metrological testing of medical equipment in order to achieve quality and efficiency of procedures in medical services by ensuring the reliability of medical diagnostic analyzes performed in medical institutions. The laboratory has the opportunity to quickly process the results of metrological examinations.

The mobile metrology laboratory is a gift to the “International Metrology Day”, which will be celebrated on May 20 this year under the motto “Measurements for Health”. It should be noted that the Laboratory covers metrological examination of 25 (78%) of the 32 medical equipment subject to metrological examination.The mobile metrology laboratory is equipped with standard measuring instruments, office equipment, power supply, air conditioning, automatic air circulation system, clean water supply and refrigerator for reagents. In this laboratory, special software has been developed to monitor the condition of temperature, power supply and clean water supply.

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