Department of measurements of geometric and mechanical quantities

To ensure the unity, reliability of measurements and the transfer of the sizes of units of physical quantities of high-precision measuring instruments to the workers, the department has exemplary measuring instruments.

Considering that there is a rapid restructuring of the industry, imported technologies are being purchased, modern enterprises are opening, the accuracy of measurements in the production of products, the requirements for the quality of products, the struggle for its competitiveness, and access to the foreign market are increasing. Already today, industries are equipped with high-precision measuring instruments to improve the accuracy of measurements, providing production with working measuring instruments.

In this regard, the department conducts metrological certification of imported measuring instruments and provides assistance in the development of regulatory documents used at enterprises.

It also assists in the development of a program for metrological certification of fuel dispensers, dispensers for the delivery of imported liquefied gases at gas stations in the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region, force-measuring machines, hydraulic presses.

The department consists of laboratories for “measurement of geometric quantities”, “measurement of mechanical quantities” and “measurement of flow parameters, volume of substances.”

Laboratory for the measurement of geometric quantities

The laboratory carries out work on the verification of measuring instruments of geometric values, is equipped with high-precision exemplary measuring instruments: verification of a universal measuring instrument (rod-tool, micrometric instrument, lever-toothed), line measures of length, angle measures, plane-parallel gauge blocks, optical-mechanical instruments. The laboratories for measuring geometric quantities are equipped with exemplary 2-grade end gauges, 2-grade line gauges, 2-grade exemplary scales, optomechanical measuring devices, which allows measurements of lengths up to 100 mm with an accuracy of 0.0001 mm.

The laboratory has high-precision instruments with measurement of values according to a given program, digital readout and digital printing (exemplary examiner, electronic level “Mikrad”, two-dimensional measuring device “DIP-1”).

It carries out state verification of measuring instruments of length up to 100 mm, with a measurement error from 0.02 µ to 0.40 µ, over 100 mm with an error from 0.11 µ to 0.55 µ (micron).

Also, since 2010, the laboratory has at the disposal of the laboratory an autocollimation unit “AUPNT” for checking geodetic instruments (levels, theodolites, total stations and laser rangefinders).

Also on June 10, 2016, the laboratory was accredited for expansion to geodetic GPS systems, horizontal length measuring standard POLO and a geodetic scanner.


Laboratory for the measurement of mechanical quantities and measurement of flow parameters, volume of substances

The laboratory for the measurement of mechanical quantities and volume carries out work on the verification of measuring instruments for mechanical quantities: strength and hardness (exemplary dynamometers, test presses and machines, hardness testers, torque wrenches), for performing these verifications there is an exemplary force measuring machine of the 2-grade type “DO-2-5-0.5”, 3-grade exemplary dynamometers from 0.01 kN to 5000 kN. Test blocks exemplary 2-category (type HR, HS, HB).

For verification of movement parameters instruments (speedometers, tachometers, stopwatches, movement speed meters such as Iskra-video, Chris, Arena, Vizir), the laboratory has units UPS-4, UT-0.5-60, UPMS-1, IS-24.

Volume and capacities (sample measuring vessels of the 1st and 2nd category, fuel, oil and gas dispensers, calibrated tankers, glass capacity measures and calibration of tanks). The laboratory is equipped with a 3-digit 1-digit model balance.

There are also exemplary 1-grade measuring devices from 2÷500 dm3. for checking exemplary 2-grade measuring vessels and technical measuring vessels of the 1st and 2nd class.

For verification and calibration of tanks from 3÷100 m3, there are exemplary measuring devices (MI) and a computer program according to GOST 8.346-2000 and GOST 8.570-2000.

The department also conducts metrological certification of MI, metrological examination of documentation, certification tests of CI.

At present, the department is equipped with 27 high-precision exemplary measuring instruments and 87 exemplary measuring instruments, which meets the needs of the national economy of the republic to ensure the uniformity of measurements.

For the development of metrological control in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the department is mastering new types of verification of measuring instruments, improving qualifications by self-education and in NIISMS.

In 2009, the department for compliance with the requirements established by UzSSt ISO/IES17025: 2007 and is accredited for technical competence and independence in verification, calibration, metrological certification and testing for the purpose of type approval of measuring instruments used in the field of state control and supervision.