The Uzbek national institute of metrology participated in the exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan”

On March 11 and 12, 2021 in the capital’s technopark was organized industrial products exhibition.

This modern complex was established on the basis of the decision of the head of our state of May 1, 2019 “On measures to further develop industrial cooperation and expand the production of high-demand products”. The exhibition included more than a thousand products that produced in 24 networks and 14 regions. The Uzbek national institute of metrology (UzNIM) also took part in the exhibition “Made in Uzbekistan” with its exposition.

UzNIM provides uniform and reliable measurements according to the types of measurements. The exhibition covered the history and present of metrology, as well as future plans. During 2021, practical work was demonstrated in cooperation with CIPM MRA, ILAC MRA international calibration certificates, BelGIM (Belarus), TUBITAK UME (Turkey), Minerva Metrology and Calibration (Netherlands), BYK Instruments (Germany), KazInMetr (Kazakhstan) metrology organizations.

This year, the UzNIM through only 10 laboratories, offers calibration works on 58 groups of measuring instruments, export of metrological services in the internationally recognized directions of weight, pressure and temperature.

The Institute participated in the exhibition with 23 high-precision measuring instruments, including analytical scales and stones, ammeters, multimeters, digital manometers, ionization cameras and diosimeters, barcode, ultrasound and electric capacitance measurements, calibrators, dynamometers, pH-meters, infrared thermometer, plotnomer, vibrostands.